• Passion’s Slave

  • Charles Farrant is one of the most charismatic, influential, wealthy and successful investment bankers in the City of London.  A leading light in his profession, famed for his straight dealing, none the less Charles has a secret.

    At a dinner party in London at the table of mutual friends Edward and Marie Boscombe, Charles meets Thea Beresford – recently divorced from her dreary, adulterous husband, Ben.  Over the subsequent four days Charles and Thea meet often and start a passionate love affair.  During the course of the next few weeks Charles and Thea spend more and more time together accompanied often by Charles’s precocious twelve year old daughter, Florence and Thea’s three children, teenaged Tom and Ned and twelve year old Sasha.

    Through a dreadful quirk of fate the secret Charles wishes to keep very firmly locked up and away from Thea, appears to be in danger of being exploded before her.  Unrealised by Thea, their happiness hangs in the balance and for once in his life, Charles is helpless…

    This is a tale of deception, double-dealing, love, sex, and betrayal set partly in the world of the multi-millionaire world of the City and life in the outwardly tranquil shires in West Sussex.  Lives are torn apart and for all, never will be the same again.

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