• Natural Allies

  • The time is the present. Four elderly women, friends all their lives – stand beside the grave of a fifth. The daughter of one, beside them stares from one to the next and asks a singular question.

    “It’s quite a simple question. We all know which one of you killed Robert, but which one of you four – you conniving, lying, hypocritical witches – killed Julia?”

    The clock goes back to 1954…

    Five girls, Meg, Julia, Sylvie, Marcia and Fenella, sit together on the beach, enjoying their last few hours of girlhood together before each goes out into the world, school over now for ever. At the suggestion of Fenella, they agree to keep in touch as years go by, to meet up regularly, support and share with these, their greatest friends, whatever life will throw at them.

    Each have a very different journey to make but along every step of the way, through triumph and disaster, these five share it all with one another. Through marriage, childbirth, infidelity and infertility, the secrets, lies, loyalty, sexual passion, heartbreak, failures and successes finally ending in extraordinary murder, this remarkable friendship, traverses six decades. Amongst the changing habits and morals of modern Britain, emerge the stories of each of these five – how their very different lives weave together ending in the most devastating secret of all that will bind them closer to one another for all time.


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