• Letting Go

  • The sleepy Somerset village of Melfont St Peter is quietly agog. Hailing from London, a new resident is about to appear in the village, renting for a year one of the picturesque cottages that abound in this glorious, wild countryside. Who is she and why is she there?  A middle aged, high powered business woman they have been told. But they were wrong or made assumptions that were incorrect, at any rate. Antonia Graham, collected from the London train by the local taxi firm is certainly a businesswoman, one most highly respected and revered, but at 29 she is hardly middle aged. And she is beautiful.

    An artist on sabbatical for a year, she tells the family who live next door, inviting her for supper as soon as she arrives but that is very far from all. Antonia has a secret and the creeping menace that she wrongly believes is slipping further into the background in reality draws ever closer and in this idyllic place she is in more danger than she has ever been in all her life.

    As her new affair with the charismatic local vet and land owner, Francis Melfont-Clare, blossoms into real passion for them both, Antonia is in love. But Francis, too has a past and he, too has many decisions to make and he, to his cost also naively believes Antonia is safe.

    But they are both wrong…

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