• The Jade King and the Animals of Destiny – Paperback

  • The Jade King And The Animals Of Destiny is available now in paperback, published by Shimran Press. ISBN 978-1-910819-49-4. RRP £7.99


    The Lord High King of Heaven, his Imperial Majesty, the Jade King, sat on his Jade Throne and gazed down at the little world of his creation and frowned. It was a beautiful little world of blue and green and white and gold and was nearly perfect all in all, except for one thing. Mankind. They were potentially all right as creations went but they had bought something new into this perfect world – disobedience.

    They needed help and guidance but from whom and how? As he frowned and thought he hit upon a plan. To this end he called to him his busy and overworked secretary and told him to issue twelve invitations. They were an interesting mixture, these twelve – animals all – and the flustered secretary set off to deliver them to the guests. All of these invitations were received in very different ways but one, oh dear, was not delivered at all…

    This is the retelling of the myth surrounding the formation of the Chinese Zodiac and how each year was given to be overseen by one animal after another and how His Majesty chose finally the order in which they should come and how they still rule us all to this day…

    Cover Design by Tim Blazdell, Artwork by Josh Ford.