• Brief Candle

  • BriefCandle_Cover_v2Camilla Weston has always wanted to act. After drama school and a couple of years in the professional theatre she lands the part of Portia in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at the prestigious Pelican Theatre in London to be directed by one of the finest talents in modern revival theatre, Sir Malcolm Masterson. Playing opposite Camilla is to be Leo Frensham, a talented young actor in his own right but suffering as well as benefitting from the fact his father, world famous actor of stage and screen, Sir Peter Frensham, has done it all before. Leo loathes his womanising, four-times-married, self-opinionated and overbearing father.
    Gradually Camilla and Leo forge a close relationship both on and off the stage. As their personal affinity deepens, Camilla learns much about the complex Leo and as the days and weeks pass, Leo and Camilla’s friendship blossoms into a passionate love affair.
    The first night dawns. Audience and critics alike are bowled over by this new production of ‘The Merchant’. In the audience, beside his subdued and bullied wife, Mollie, Peter Frensham watches his son’s performance but it is Camilla who entrances him and silently he decides this lovely girl is to be the next Lady Frensham. Discovering that Leo and Camilla are an item, while pretending to be delighted with the news, Peter plots his own dreadful scheme to win her for himself…
    This is a story of love, lust, sex and hate, ambition and danger set amongst the actors and directors in the world of quality professional theatre in London’s West End.


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